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January 14, 2013

Star Wars x Aliens by Robert Shane

I have posted tons of Star Wars themed art here on CCD over the past few years, and I have even posted a few pieces of Star Wars x Aliens mashup creations (click here and here). While those pieces were obviously good enough to be posted on CCD (I truly commend all the artists featured here... that means I think your shit is dope!), they pale in comparison to the extremely detailed and insanely constructed pieces that have been put together by artist Robert Shane. The thing I love about Shane's Star Wars x Aliens mashups is that he plays up the fact that the aliens are pure evil incarnate, and would fight the hell out of any inhabitant of Star Wars galaxy, especially the Sith. I also love the Walking Dead/Michonne homage in the Boba Fett piece... notice that there is a Queen alien on one of those chains!!!! Sick ass paintings, brought to our attention by the one and only Joe Fletch. Check out the pieces after the jump...

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  1. These are some really great pieces! Thanks for sharing Mike!