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January 4, 2013

Samuel L.Jackson... I Love You Man!!!!!

Samuel L. Jackson has solidified himself as one of the busiest and coolest actors of a generation. he is 64 years old and has played everything from a Jedi Master to the greasiest haired hitman in the history of cinema. He is also General Nick Fury: the commanding officer of S.H.I.E.L.D., real life comic book villain Mr. Glass, and the guy who found them MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES ON THAT MOTHERFUCKING PLANE!!!! He has worn countless hairpieces & wigs, put on numerous accents, and made interrogation an artform while sprinkling in a bit of geography & religion into his line of questioning. The guy even had his own viral video reading a children's book (Go The Fuck To sleep... its great!)... so to say he could do pretty much anything is an understatement. But his role as house slave Stephen in Django Unchained may be his best yet. If it was up to me, this role would be the one that gets him the supporting actor statuette. He is uncompromising, gives his favorite director Quentin Tarantino the best performance of his career, and isn't afraid to defend the integrity of the movie itself. QT has never been afraid of using the word 'Nigger' in his movies, and when doing a press junket with Jake the Movie Guy from Houston's Fox Affliate Samuel l decided to get the lily white reporter to say the word himself. If you want to ask a question about the N word, you are going to have to say the N word yourself. The results are borderline 'Brett's Interrogation'  from Pulp Fiction, and it just goes to show you how cool Samuel L is and how deeply he believes in his work. Check the full junket out after the jump (it's 17 minutes long), or just jump to the 13:55 mark to get right to Mr. Jackson's comments. You the man Sam... now do that Gator dance and smoke that TV!!!!!! (If you get that Samuel L reference then you are my people)