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January 23, 2013

Gadgets & Gizmos: An Art Show @ Bottleneck Galleries, Brooklyn

Bottleneck Galleries is one of the first galleries to be opened in NY that primarily focuses on pop culture themed art shows. The gang over there has an excellent eye for cool pieces, a ton of great ideas for show possibilities, and a work ethic that keeps the exhibits opening soon after one closes. Hot of the finale of the 'Alternate Endings' show comes 'Gizmos & Gadgets', an art show that focuses on the machines & technology of some of your favorite movies of all time. Ripley's front loader mech suit from Alien? Yup. Gob's Segeway from Arrested Development? Yup. Numerous Batman gadgets from his utility belt? Most definitely. Inspector Gadgets whole body, diagrammed X-Ray style? Oh yeah! These are just a few of the wacky and wild illustrations you will find in the collection for this show. The show opened  on January 18th and runs through February 3rd, so try to get yourself down there and buy one of these cool pieces of art. The prices for the last show were relatively affordable, so hopefully you can find something in your price range to bring home and support local artists at the same time! Check out their website by clicking here for more info on all that is going on at Bottleneck and click after the jump for a few preview piecs of what to expect in the show....

Powerloader by James Gilleard

Voight-Kampff Machine by Tim Anderson

Now Your Playing With Power by Kara Zisa

Dejarik Holochess Board Game by PJ McQuade

Gob Bluth by Daniel Nyari

Inspector Gadget by Dave Perillo


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