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January 3, 2013

365 Supes: A Drawing Challenge by Artist Everertt Downing

I love hearing about long term art projects, especially geeky ones. This one took place over the course of 2012, and comes to us courtesy of Pixar artist Everett Downing. He wanted to get all the ideas that were stockpiling in his head onto paper so he started the 365 Supes project which had him coming up with 365 different superheroes/villains over the year, one a day. It is an ambitious project, one that almost got all the way completed. He made 292 entries in all... not to shabby  Just 70 some-odd more to go, but the 292 are pretty amazing. He also set up some ground rules: 1) No design should take more than an hour 2) Very small and limited back stories (which are included with most entries) 3) Come up with a clever name for each of them . He has an unreal blog of all of the creations he has made so far that you can see by clicking here, and Downing vows to finish the rest up over the next few weeks. I included my favorite ones after the jump. Enjoy them for yourself, and leave your favorites in the comment section....

The Caped Cadaver

Dober-man & Pincer:

Altruistic exotic veterinarian Voss Brown was bitten by a genetically altered rabid doberman and given its approximate powers. He can run as fast as a pincer and wields a dog-like fury! Together with his pet, Pincer (the now toothless dog that gave him his abilities) they pursue crime with a dogged determination!


Mutant skin growth! You gotta love the skin he's in.

Lance A Lot

Mythic crusader from another world, who wields a sword made of righteous light and shoots a rainbow of wrath from his horn!"


Russian pro wrestler transformed by irradiated Bear Testosterone!

The Leper-con

In a valiant effort to reinvigorate 365 and venerate St. Patty, the Unassailable Austin Madison has submitted the LEPER-CON!

Mr. Natural

The Nutcracker

Bitten by a genetically-enhanced acorn, Francois Noyer took on all the abilities of a nut (most notably a tough outer-shell and causing severe irritation to those with nut allergies). He has since vowed vengeance on all nuts, seeds, and legumes. Noyer (now called The Nutcracker) won't stop until he brings justice to the mutated acorn that made him into the nut he is today.

Arch-enemy of Squirrel Girl.


This guy's got tons of quips for defeated villains!

"My Reply Is No!" 
"Outlook Not So Good."
"Try Again Later."

Whipper & Snapper

Yeah... I have no idea where this came from.

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  1. My favorites were 'Manaconda', 'Death Ray'.... "Dr. Acula', 'Chill Pill', 'Kung Fu Hustler' & last but, certainly not least, 'Emoticon'! Although the artist has no idea where these 2 came from, 'Whipper & Snapper' remind me of separate parts of He-Man villains 'Clawful' and 'Beastman' used to make 2 completely new characters. this whole idea!