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December 13, 2012

Pacific Rim: Holy F'n Shit... Giant Robots vs Kaiju's

I am speechless... I am without speech. Guillermo del Torro is back and he is bringing along two Sons of Anarchy, one of the owners of Paddy's Pub, and Stringer Bell along for the ride in the battle of giant robots vs. kaiju's (giant Japanese monsters) in Pacific Rim. The movie stars Charlie Hunam & Ron Pearlman (Jax and Clay from Sons), Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) and Idris Elba (The Wire) taking on classic Japanese monsters that are reminiscent of Ultraman & Godzilla. If anyone is going to bring back the genre, I am glad that it is Guillermo. I met the dude at NY Comic Con this year and when I asked him about Pacific Rim he just smiled a creepy little kid grin and said "You'll see... and you will love it!". After this full length trailer and with the cast, I would say that is a safe bet. The movie comes out July 11th, 2013. Click after the jump for the full trailer...

and here is Me & Guillermo, just for gloating sake:


  1. And me, too! Damn son!

    this looks dope.

  2. Wow just wow. Is this the next movie that all the geeks will be abuzz about & say great things until it's release and than won't come out and support? (cough) Scott Pilgrim (cough) Sucker Punch (cough) Nah cnan't possibly be...can it? I, for one, Will be there!!

  3. I don't think this movie can tank ala Scott Pilgrim or sucker Punch. Charlie Hunam is huge with the ladies from Sons of Anarchy. They would watch him carve wood. So guys can sell them on that, making this a decent cross over couple flick. Del Torro movies get alot of hype as well... and finally Legendary Pictures (the home of Twilight) certainly know how to sell their movies. I think this will be huge. HUGE

  4. I hope so,