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December 22, 2012

On The 9th Day Of Christmas (2012), CCD Gave To Me...

Imogen Thomas... Wow, another import from Great Britain! You know, I don't mean to offend the Brits, but half of your female population are pretty horrendous. But when you guys get it right, good god do you get it right! Kelly Brook, Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Beckinsale... Yup, they do it right. Then you get this chick Imogen Thomas... what kind of name is Imogen exactly? She is absolutely fantastic. And to think she is came  to us courtesy of the British version of Big Brother. For all of you assholes complaining about reality TV, shut the fuck up and stop watching if you hate to see wonderful breasts like this!!! You will see those stupendous breasts and much more after the jump as we continue to #1 on our list.... Merry Christmas!!!!

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