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December 11, 2012

Kim K Does Some Lingerie For A New French Photo Shoot... Boing!!!!

I am not a huge fan of what the Kardashian clan stands for, especially that sick animal of a mother. But Kim Kardashian is one sexy woman. That is not open for debate. It probably helps that I have seen her take a dick in her porno movie... lets be honest, it helps complete the visual when it comes to a celebrity. But when people hate on Kim K's looks, I just think it is stupid. The girl is fine. Talented? Nope... not at all. But fine? Yup, thats for sure. Need proof? Cool... we at CCD got your back! Check out this photo shoot from Fatice magazine for just another example of why the French do sexy the best. They may not be the best political allies, but they sure know how to pick lingerie!!!! Enjoy the photos after the jump...

Here is a bit of a bonus video for you as well: