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December 21, 2012

It's The End Of The World As We Know It....

Hahahaha. I can't wait for all the sheep-le out there try to backtrack and redirect their thoughts on the Mayan Apocalypse that is supposed to occur tonight t. This is exactly what happen with Y2K, the coming of Bieber, and all the other fake ass end of the world scenarios. What is truly sad is that even though the Mayans were innovators on so many levels and lived way above the intellectual level of humans on the Earth when they were here, they will unfortunately be remembered for getting the end of the world date wrong. Which they probably didn't, they weren't predicting the end of the world and more just ending a cycle of time. It is probably all lost in the translation. Whatever... if there was ever a reason to party like there was no To-maya (see what I did there), Dec 21st (falling on a FRIDAY!) has to be the day. Go get em....

Check out the pics after the jump... if you guys are still ALIVE!!!!

Come down tomorrow night and have a drink with us at The Irish Haven!!!!!

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  1. But but...what am I going to do with all the canned food I collected? It so pissed me off that no one can get anything to work these days, not even the apocalypse. I feel cheated.