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November 30, 2012

Hellnuts 2 by Raid 71

I love some good geek art, but really love some good geek art that was created for a good cause. There is an English charity entitled Artists V Cancer that is selling some majorly cool geek prints and original pieces of art in order to raise money for the fight against cancer. There are many cool pieces available (click here to see the full show run), but the one that stood out to me came from artist Raid 71. It is called Hellnuts 2 and re-imagines some of Mike Mignola's Hellboy characters as the Peanut gang. Well thought out and executed, this is a killer piece. And to get one of the 100 prints created for the show it will only cost you 35 bucks... and it is for a good cause. Click the above link and pick up a piece to support the cancer battle, and click after the jump to see a bigger version of the Hellnuts 2 poster...

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