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October 26, 2012

The Red Band Trailer For The Evil Dead Remake Proves That Not All Remakes Have To Be Shitty By Default

The Evil Dead Trilogy is by far my favorite film franchise. Ever. I am not kidding... I rank it higher than Star Wars, Alien, or the Potter movies (fuck you guys, those 7 movies are awesome!). It's not that I think that the Evil Dead films are BETTER than those I just mentioned (or any other films for that matter), it is just that the trilogy is so awesome and holds a special place in my heart since I was a little guy. Sam Raimi has become a titan in the movie industry based on his work on these three films and Bruce Campbell has made a career based on his role as Ash... to me it is just unapproachable. So when news of a remake started circling a few years back, my dismay began instantly. It's not that I hate all horror remakes... that is not the case at all. I liked both The Hills Have Eyes remakes, Rob Zombies 1st Halloween, Last House on the Left, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake films, and I love the goofiness that is the 13 Ghosts remake (again, fuck you guys!). There are good ones out there. But most are pure shit. So the last thing I wanted was them to take liberties with my favorite films. But then it was revealed that Raimi & Campbell would be executive producing  the film (aka keeping motherfuckers in line), so they would have mucho input into the new film. At last weeks NY Comic Con we got a look at the first trailer, and now it looks insane in all it's official (not taped on a cell phone camera) red band glory! Looks like Raimi did a good job picking Fede Alavrez to head this one up. Check out the trailer for yourself after the jump...

Wow. Wow... Yup, its all there. The creepiness of the trailer. The translation of the text in the Necrinomicon.  The tree rape. And if that didn't do enough to convince you, check out this interview with Ash himself, Mr. Bruce Campbell.

He is all in... and gives some great reasons why you should be as well. The film opens April 12th, 2013 and I will be there. Will you?

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