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October 26, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 Interview - Rey Vincente Alcazar and Erica Schultz of M3 Comics

While all the major players in the comic industry (Marvel, DC, etc) all get a lot of burn on the Comic Con floor, it's the indy and self published comics that are often the hidden gems that need to be unearthed. Case in point: M3 - The Comic. M3 is a spy thriller book that is created by Rey Vincente Alcazar & Erica Schultz. Tommy actually picked up the book on Day 1 of the show and went back to interview Alcazar & Schultz because he enjoyed it so much. Truthfully, this is the coolest part of the cons we go to. Finding new and exciting material, especially material in a genre that is not so familiar in comics, created by very cool and down to earth people is what comic cons is all about. Check out the website for M3 by clicking here, support cool comics, and check out Tommy's interview with Schultz & Alcazar after the jump...


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