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September 25, 2012

'The Collection' - Now This Is A Horror Sequel I Can Get Behind

My main man Johnny over at Freddy In Space posted a link to the new trailer for 'The Collection', a sequel to the movie 'The Collector' a few days ago. Now this excited me because I LOVE The Collector and thought it was one of the better executed original concepts in Horror over the past few years. So to see that my main masked man is back and expanding his collection of victims automatically made my day. Like most sequels it seems like they have a bit more house money to play with, and the traps & kills look even better with this one. Plus I am digging this chick with the pixie cut and off the shoulder shirt. It's not her fault Shooter McGavin is her dad... lets hope she can make it out of this one with her sexy little head in place. Check out the trailer after the jump...

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