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August 29, 2012

Now This Is How You Cosplay....

If you are interested in getting into the cosplay game, meet Abbie Soule and take some notes. This young lady absolutely slayed a Ramona Flowers getup that had me swearing that I was looking at Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the flesh. The costume is perfect, the hair and accessories are spectacular, and the angelic face is a thing of beauty. You want more proof as to the fact that this is one of the greatest cosplay efforts ever? How about the fact that Bryan Lee O'Malley, creator of the Scott Pilgrim comic book series, reblogged her photoset!!!! Now that is the ultimate compliment. Check out her blog here and other cosplay efforts of hers here, and take a look at her Ramona Flowers get up after the jump. I would fight a League of Evil Ex's for this girl any day...


  1. You know me. I knows my cosplay and she is terrific. The resemblance is errie.

  2. Photobombed by Jesus. Now there's your ultimate compliment.