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July 11, 2012

Who Watches The Simpsons? by Chris Weiermiller

Every time I find out that one of my fellow geek friends has NOT read Watchmen I freak the fuck out and immediately try to get them my copy to read. Simply put, it is a right of passage that needs to be experienced by anyone who reads comics. As much as I think Alan Moore is a tool, he really killed this story and created some wonderful characters that have stuck with for over 20+ years. Another stallworth of the entertainment industry has been The Simpsons. I really haven't watched the show consistently over the past 10 years, but all I know is if you have 20+ years on the air you are doing something right. So of course it would be great to get these two properties together in a mashup by artist Chris Weiermiller. The character selection in a mashup is key, and Chris certainly nailed it with this piece. Maggie as Roscharch? Yup... I'm in!!!! Check out the full piece after the jump...

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