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July 12, 2012

Justice League of the Round Table by The Comic Fan

My main man Cal up in Canada sure does find some gems to post on his awesome blog The Cave of Cool. One of the cooler things he has posted in the past few weeks has got to be these medieval renderings of The Justice League of America by a Deviant Artist who goes by The Comic Fan. I love the way he recreated each individual character in a way that befits their counter parts of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. Pretty great detail and innovative ideas on how to make the more mystical characters like Martian Manhunter & Green Lantern into Knights without sacrificing their original looks. I would love to read a book like this from DC in the vein of Marvel 1602, especially if Neil Gaiman was writing it. All around pretty cool. Thanks for another winner Cal... check out the pieces after the jump!

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