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July 23, 2012

Happy Munn-day!!!

Another week starts here at CCd and it's once again time to check in on the Asian sensation that is Olivia Munn. This weeks pics come courtesy of when my little rice patty visited Jimmy Kimmel around a week ago. Great outfit for Ms. Munn, looking very becoming of her Newsroom character. But I think its great that all of the autograph seekers are handing her bikini & underwear shots to sign and she is clearly trying to turn the corner on that to a more adult look. Can't escape the past, no matter how much you try!!! Enjoy the pics after the jump....


  1. She's lookin' a little skinny... but I'd still slip one in.

  2. Am a big fan of how they play her against type in The Newsroom. Maybe finally someone found a good fit for Olivia Munn...insert your own joke here.

    1. Oh I'll insert something alright... hows that for a joke???? LOl... I agree Kal, i think she is wonderful on the Newsroom and I am looking forward to next weeks episode in which she seems to be put out in the forefront a bit more.