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June 8, 2012

What If Game of Thrones Were Set In Manhattan?

One of the coolest parts of the Game of Thrones HBO series has to be seeing the land of Westeros from the "A Song of Ice & Fire" books being brought to life. The ruggedness of Winterfell, the sheer cold & desolate atmosphere of The Wall, the urban aspects of King's Landing, the unsettled wilderness of the lands beyond the Narrow Sea... all of these spectacular locations have been brought to life with such grace and authenticity on the show thus far. But what if the show was set in modern day New York City? Where would Casterly Rock's riches be? Where would the Iron islands lie? Check out this insane interactive map from the Rent Share blog after the jump...

You can view the map below, but you need to jump over to the website to experience the map's interactive nature by clicking here.

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