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June 8, 2012

How To Build Your Own Arc Reactor From Dollar Store Components

One of the coolest aspects of the Iron Man films starring Robert Downey Jr has to be the Arc Reactor that is present in his chest. He is always updating it, but at the end of the day it is like a super charged car battery that keeps Tony's ticker ticking. Now more than ever you can get your hands on some real cool replica movie props, but those could cost you a pretty penny. But what if you could build one of these arc reactors yourself, using only a few cheap components that could be acquired for a few bucks at the Dollar Store? The gang over at XRobot show you how to do just that... so get cracking on the coolest DIY project I have seen related to comics. The how to video is after the jump...


  1. This is amazing just could you tell me how to connect the wires to the light?

    1. Not really sure, you gotta watch the video and follow directions!!!!