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June 28, 2012

Epic Misney by T Campbell & John Waltrip

A few weeks back the Internet was abuzz with news coming out of the Las Vegas Licensing Expo in regards to the plans for the Disney & The Marvel Universes to collide. The partner companies will start tying characters from both worlds in with one another, most notably starting with Phineas & Ferb crossing over with some of Marvel's finest heroes. But to celebrate the genuine idea that the two world could co-exist we get an unbelievable painting from T Campbell & John Waltrip that pairs some of the all time Disney greats with their equally important Marvel cohorts. You gotta love some of the pairings in this one. Squirrel Girl with Chip & Dale? Captain Hook with Wolverine? Fing Fang Foom with Malificent? Namor & Ariel? Donald & Howard the Ducks? Doc Strange vs Geenie? Wow... wow!!! You can order this cool ass print for just 14.99 by clicking here! Check out the full piece after the jump....

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