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June 14, 2012

'The Avengers' Don't Look So Heroic In Their Worst Costumes Ever!!!!

The Avengers has been burning up the box office this summer, killing it to become the #3 money making movie of all time. It has a chance to catch # 2 Titanic, even though #1 Avatar seems to be safe. The overwhelming success of the movie has to be the fact that Marvel has got 6 major comic book characters in one movie at the absolute top of their game. They have never been portrayed or looked as good as they do in this film. But if you are a true fan of any comic book, you know that all characters have low points. This is the case with the big boys too, and artists Chris Haley & colorist Daniel Butler recreated the film's official poster using the teams worst costumes from their past. This is so great, especially Mini Skirt iron Man & 90s Thor (these are real and terrible costumes that in fact DID exist!!!). And it has The Hof in it!!!!!! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner... See the full size pic after the jump.

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  1. Oh, come on, Mr Fixit was awesome! But other that that, yeeaaahh... not very inspiring.