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May 30, 2012

Super Team Family: Mister Miracle & The Escapist by Ross

One of my favorite blogs on the Internet is 'Super Team Family: The Lost Issues' by an excellent digital artist named Ross. The site has gone through a few incarnations, once focusing on Batman team-ups and then on Thing team-ups. Now he puts together awesome Super Family team-ups that have not and probably will not ever happen. He takes great characters that bare totally unrelated and makes you see just how great they would work together. Case in point: Today's team-up features one of my favorite characters in the history of comics Mr. Miracle as well as the titular superhero from The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay novel The Escapist. Both of these guys are escape artists and magicians... that is the easy tie in. But Ross dug deep into the world of a Pulitzer Prize winning novel to take the comic character from the story within the story to find the perfect match for Mister Miracle. Wow... what a great cover. Keep up the great work Ross. Check out the full piece after the jump...


  1. This is one of my favorite sites too. I love the way they can mash-up the best combinations of characters and created a cover that really draws me into the story inside. Love 'The Escapist' and the comics that came out after 'Cavalier...' And how can you do better than Mr Miracle, greatest escape artist of three worlds. How can you love the connection bettween the character and how he was created. Kirby based MM on Steranko who was at one time an escape artist.

  2. Yup... my man Ross does a great job thinking it all out!!!