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April 24, 2012

'Static Shock: Blackout' - A Fan Film

Fan Films come, fan films go. Especially comic book fan films. There have been some great ones, like the Batman films for Bat In The Sun productions. And there have been some crappy ones... way to many. But with $5,000 bucks and a dream, college kids from Carnegie Melon, The Art Institute, Syracuse, and The University of Central Florida decided to make a fan film dedicated to Static Shock. Static is a important character in the DC universe, created by legend Dwayne McDuffie (Rest In Peace) to help bring more racial equality to characters in the mostly white DC world. This fan film is a love letter to that character, and it is just as much fun as the 52 episodes of the cartoon based on the Static Shock brand. Enjoy the clip after the jump...

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