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April 19, 2012

Kelly Brook Has A TUMBLR... With BOOBS!!!

Kelly Brook is hot. That is easy enough to declare. The English beauty is slowly becoming more and more recognizable... and my money is on this fame coming due to her spectacular boobs. They are stupendous. These boobs led her to a Reebok endorsement deal, choice parts in quality films like Piranha 3D (lol), and even an appearance on Skins (a great British show...check it!). But her appearances are not nearly coming as often as I would like... especially when it comes to her boobs. How can she recognize & correct this discrepancy? How about starting a TUMBLR... one that features behind the scenes pics and LOTS OF BOOBIES??? Yup, that will work. You can check her TUMBLR out here, but after the jump I put up my favorites from the bunch. Go get 'em!!!

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