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April 11, 2012

Erich Owen Puts The Mash In Mash-up For Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Resources is a pretty kick ass website that provides comic book geeks like myself with a plethora of comic related stories to read & revel in. One of their coolest features they have over there has to be the "Comics Should Be Good" message board, where they provide fodder to artists for cool mash-ups they want to see and then the artists post their versions of the finished product. One of the artists who is consistently coming up with great mash-ups has to be Erich Owen. He is taking things like comic books characters & sitcoms, comic characters & a historical figure, and all time fantasy Green Lantern Corps and is producing some killer mash-ups. Check after the jump for six of the contributions from Owen that I absolutely love after the jump...

Comic character/Historical figure: Professor X & Freud

Comic/Sitcom mash-up: WKRP in Cincinnati & Sin City

Comic/sitcom mashup: Spiderman & Three's Company

Comics/cartoons: Capt America & Captain Caveman

Fantasy inspired Green lantern Corps: Characters from LOTR

Comics/Cartoons: kim Possible & S.H.I.E.L.D.

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