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April 26, 2012

Disney's Newest Short Film 'Paperman' Gets A Poster

Disney has been making some killer short films to compliment their cinematic releases in the past few years. There have been a few Toy Story ones as well as the very cool Day & Night that was attached to Toy Story 3. These shorts hearken back to the old days of going to the cinema and seeing a bit more than just the main feature. Well the crew over at the Mouse House are at it again, this time delivering 'Paperman' in front of Disney's upcoming feature 'Wreck It Ralph'. The short is made in black & white and has a rough feel to it that intrigues me. An official poster has been released, and it gives us a glimpse as to what to expect in terms of the look of the film. I personally can't wait to see it. Click after the jump to see the poster...

Thanks to/Film for the tip...

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  1. Award winning short film PAPERMAN already released in 2010 by Irish creative team.