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March 1, 2012

R.I.P. Mr Monkee aka Davy Jones...

Another one bites the dust... this time way to soon. Davy Jones, lead singer of 60s group The Monkees, has passed away due to a heart attack. The Monkees had quite a few hits back in the (Daydream Believer is one of my all time favorite songs), but for kids in my generation we got to know Davy & the gang through the TV. My first experience with Davy was as the object of Marcia Brady's obsession on The Brady Bunch. Marcia loved her some Davy... And secondly I know him from the kooky 60s Tv show that only lasted two seasons but has long been showed in syndication. I always loved that show for its weird sense of humor and the cool camera techniques that were used. It is a sad day for people my parents age, especially the ladies! Davy, you will be missed. CCD salutes you!!! Click after the jump for a few videos in Davy Jones's memory...

The Opening & Closing credits for The Monkees TV Show:

Daydream Believer:

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