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March 21, 2012

Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon by Justin Osbourn

One of my favorite horror movies over the past 5 years has got to be Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. It is a mockumentary styled film that follows a serial killer (Leslie Vernon) who is plotting to join the ranks of Mike, Jason, and Fred as elite serial killers. In order to do this he adopts an Urban Legend back story, carefully picks out his victim base, and sets up a kill zone at an desolate farmhouse to put this plan into action... all the while being filmed by a host & her two cameramen. They think that Vernon PROBABLY won't go through with it, but once people start dying they realize that he is quite serious. What makes the film so great is the moments of levity in the lead up to the climatic finish. Vernon illustrates how he will be able to accomplish these kills with such ease, using typical horror movie behaviors and cliches to signify how the group of kids will relax. It is so funny, yet it all makes sense and makes his omnipresent appearance all over the place so much more explainable. Great stuff. The film can be seen on Netflix Instant, and is also making a appearance back in theaters on April 11th as part of the Gathr (Movies shown in a theater on demand) service, which is awesome. i hope there is a screening here in NYC! In celebration for the re-release, artist Justin Osbourn has created an awesome 70s'80s inspired poster (click here to buy the poster) that would have surely decorated the VHS box art of many mom & pop video shops back in the day. this poster is great. You can see it in full after the jump, and click here for more details on the April 11th screenings...

Thanks Johnny from Freddy In Space for the  tip... hope to see you on April 11th!!!

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