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March 6, 2012

The Avengers Trailer Gets A 60s Marvel Animation Makeover!!!

The Avengers trailer blew every bodies mind when it hit the 'Net other day. The Hulk in action, the team fighting with each other and then getting together to battle Loki, The Midgard Serpent (allegedly),  and all types of other goodies made for a very entertaining 2:30 minutes. So what could be better than that? How about an animated re-enactment of the trailer, this time with 60's Marvel Animation filling in for the high budgeted CGI that will be appearing in the new movie. The results are outstanding... an almost frame for frame shot of teh trailer, cut to perfection. Compare the two yourself after the jump... it's uncanny how perfect the match up.

The original trailer:

The animated version:


  1. I love that old animation. The art looks like it's right from the comics of that era.

    Also, the big cosmic sperm at the end... truly frightening! SPLOOSH!!!