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March 26, 2012

Avengers #221 Covered by Ben Temples

One of my all time favorite comic book covers is Avengers #221. This is when the team was going through a line up change and Marvel seemed to be giving the fans an option of who would make up the newest roster of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes". I was given a run of Avengers books from #150 to #250 back in 1986-87 as a gift,  so these books are very near and dear to my heart. #221 always stood out to me because Ed Hannigan & Joe Rubenstein just killed the design and foster such intrigued in the readers mind. I always loved the blank box in the middle with "Invisible Girl" in the box. So funny. Covered is a really cool website (check here) that lets artists take on these classic covers, and Ben Temples decided to use the current crop of  "Marvel Movie" Avengers to recreate the epic cover.  Well done in my opinion. Click after the jump to see both the original #221 & Temples recreation in full glory...

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