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March 30, 2012

And I Said To Myself... What A Wonderful World!!!!

People get attached to the settings in every type of entertainment they consume,whether it is movies, books, video games, comics or anything else. The setting is so key to the background story that it often overshadows a majority of characters in the work, save for the most important characters. I mean, think how much more you remember about Hogwarts as opposed to the literally 100s of non main characters in the 7 books by J.K Rowling. Or how about the fact that after 20 years I can still remember how to navigate Hyrule when I downloaded Zelda on my Wii, yet forgot ALL of the 8 final bosses names in the game except for level 9 baddie Ganon? The setting can often make the story what it is and be the driving force in a work of fiction. With that being said, this is the most complete map of fantasy lands that I have ever seen. I have not been able to locate the creator of this map (I hate not creating brilliance) but all the links I am finding around the web seem to go back to the I WASTE SO MUCH TIME blog. So check them out cause their blog is cool and seems to be pretty chill. Tell em CCD sent ya! Check out a larger version of the map after the jump and see if you can figure out oall of the locations and what properties they come from... enjoy your trip!!!

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