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February 23, 2012

Seeds Of Arkham Is An Amazing Batman Fan Film.... Watch It Here Now!!!

Back in July of 2010 I told all of you faithful CCDers about a very cool Batman fan film entitled 'City of Scars' that was absolutely fucking amazing (click here to see that post). It was just so well done that it was tough to ignore and well worth the 30 minutes needed to watch it. Shit, I would go so far as to say that it is better than some of the real Batman movies that have been released over the years (yeah, I'm looking at you Clooney!!!). A few months back my boy Lockheed Lee sent me a link to the sequel fan film entitled Seeds of Arkham from the team over at Bat In The Sun productions, and it just slipped through the cracks & I never re-posted it. Well, I am about to correct that wrong right now.... after the jump you can find the full version of Seeds of Arkham (a much more manageable 9 minutes long). hopefully these guys get into some real Bat filmmaking in the future, cause I really love their take on the gang from Gotham. Enjoy!

SEEDS OF ARKHAM by Batinthesun

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