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February 8, 2012

Panem Comes To Life: A Topographical Map Of The Lands Of The Hunger Games

I am one of the legion of Suzanne Collins fans who is eagerly anticipating the March release of the first hunger Games movie. Jennifer Lawrence is looking epic as Katniss and the movie is seeming to shape up quite nice. one of the key elements that the trailers seem to highlight would have to be the look and feel of the 13 Districts of Panem, or the country where the three books are set. while Suzanne Collins never outright declares where the stories take place, she does hint at the North American locations and certain aspects that make each District unique. V. Arrow and her contributor BadGuys are the official creators of Smart Pops The Panem Companion: The Unofficial Guide To Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games, and they came up with a topographical map to help illustrate where our story takes place in relation to the world we know. As a fan of the series, this is a really cool little project... and this is the sort of obssessing that I am glad someone else is doing because I do not really have the time anymore! Now I can just buy the book and read all these crazy tidbits myself. Click here to see the page they set up for the book and click after the jump for a full sized version of the map...


  1. The map looks great - but it's missing District 7...

  2. um, district 7 is on top of 8 & 9