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February 7, 2012

Lana Del Rey Gets A Bit Of Revenge On Her SNL Haters

There has been a lot of debate surrounding new singer Lana Del Rey and her seeming inability to perform live. She received a coveted performance slot on Saturday Night Live due to the massive buzz she has been getting on the 'Net, and she promptly crashed and burned. The performance was awful... and that is being nice. It was sad because she had so much momentum due to her very cool song "Video Games" and the fact that she is not to tough to look at. All of the sudden people were questioning her as a singer, whether or not she was truly a good performer, and people even began criticizing her looks (specifically her lips, which she says are not medically enhanced). Things were not looking good for Ms. Del Rey... and then she did Letterman and crushed a live version of "Video Games" with accompaniment from a piano and violins. Wow... wow. Great song performed beautifully. I hope this gets her back on track, cause I dig her voice and her style, not to mention her looks are pretty great. Click after the jump to see both the SNL and Letterman performances to compare the differences...

SNL Performance:

Letterman Perfromance:

Here is a little bonus. This past weekend Kristen Wiig played Del Rey on the Weekend Update, where Seth Meyers questioned her about the SNL backlash. It is a witty and perfectly executed 3 minute interview. Wiig seems to nail Del Rey spot on, and Myers sets up some great questions. Quite funny...


  1. My take on it is she sang as well as she does on the CD. They knew what they were getting when they booked her.

  2. Not sure what the big deal was with this. She sounds how she sounds...she looks how she looks. Pretty much seems to have given the same performance on both SNL and Letterman other than the change of back-up accompaniment. She doesn't seem to be treading any new musical ground any time soon...but, can't imagine that she was the worst SNL musical guest ever. The SNL skit goes ahead and pokes fun at the viewers and their backlash and gives a wink and a pat on the back to Lana which she probably deserves now. Either that or she's a talentless whore. What do I know.