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January 24, 2012

Surprising Dutch! by Benjamin Carre

Every once in a blue an artist finds a very exciting way to mash up two properties in a way that is awesome and makes you wonder how come you never thought of that. Enter artist Benjamin Carre. He decided that if the Predator couldn't get a shot at killing Arnold as his character Dutch from the film, maybe he could catch Arnold slipping in another role.... in this case a T-800. How cool would it be if old Dread Head tracked down John Matrix, Conan, Ben Rodgers, Julius, Quaid/Hauser and Det. John Kimble and repeatedly ripped out their spines? Now that is an art series I would love to see. Click after the jump to see the full piece...

1 comment:

  1. Great idea (the Predator getting Arnold in a different role), but the Predator vs Terminator (vs Aliens) thing has been done by Dark Horse.

    I like the time travel bolts around the Terminator.