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January 17, 2012

Michelle Williams Brings A Bit Of Marilyn To GQ

Michelle Williams has really come a long way from her days co satrring with The Dawson and Pacey over on the WB. She has made some phenomenal films over the past few years that have garnered both critical and commercial success. She also was thrust into the spotlight when her husband and baby daddy Heath ledger past away due to a drug overdose. Yet she has handled herself like a true woman and classy celebrity, and those types of qualities are few and far between in Hollywood today. In anticipation of her upcoming  (possibly Oscar bait) movie "My Week with Marilyn" GQ Magazine sat down with the lovely Williams and made her the cover girl for February 2012. You can read the online version of the article by clicking here and then click after the jump to see all of the great photos of Williams in all her Monroe-esque glory...


  1. Always been a fan of hers. I just saw a picture of her with red hair which only improves my opinion of her.

  2. The more I loom at the header that Lock made for this post, the more I am shocked at her boobs in this photo. Fantastic!!!!