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January 4, 2012

It's All Been Done Before.. More Proof That There Is Not An Original Idea In Hollywood, Ever!!!

I have long been a proponent for the fact that almost everything in the Hollywood movie world is some form of a recycled idea. It has all been done in some way or shape before, and very rarely are we treated to a completely original (Inception anyone???) idea or execution of a movie. But stealing ideas and shooting scenes in a familiar way are not just reserved for terrible films by hacks... nope, even the greats seem to get "inspiration" (wink, wink) from other places. Need proof? Let's check out this cool clip from Stoo TV that puts a split screen between some action/adventure films from the black & white era of Hollywood & one of the most highly regarded action films of all time, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Just look how eerily similar these shots are. Wow. This is the best 13 minutes I spent all week, and this split screen is almost as shocking as the Tarantino plagiarism posts we ran last year (click here and here). Click after the jump for the full video...

Thanks to Topless Robot for the tip!!!