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January 24, 2012

Anybody Want to Fuck Their Ipad?

Cause if you do, then you are in luck!!! If the porn industry is anything, its super creative when it comes to coming up with items for people to fuck. Seems like they have outdone themselves this time with an Ipad holster that has a Fleshlight attached to the bottom of it, allowing the Ipad user to insert themselves virtually into the waiting porn picture or moving image waiting on the screen above. I know that we have become a nation of multi-taskers, but is anything sacred anymore? Can't I just wack off to Internet porn and THEN check my email on my Ipad, or must I do it all at once? If you needed any more proof that the Mayans were right and 2012 is our last year on Earth, here it is. Click after the jump for more pics (a tad Not Safe For Work, but quite humorous)...

Thanks to Vince and The Filmdrunk crew for the tip...

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