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December 8, 2011

Now This Is How You Cover A Song... Florence & The Machine Takes On Drake/Rihanna's 'Take Care'

This goes out to anybody who has ever picked up a guitar or sings into a microphone. If you ever want to cover anybodies song, whether you are going to sing it in the shower or perform it at a gig, this is what you should be striving for. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I love me some Florence & the Machine (that chick has THE BEST voice in the game right now), and I am a fan of the original tune. So this is bound to appeal TO ME. But the reason why this works so well is because the covering band takes the original song and makes it THEIR OWN. You get the familiarity of the pop song, but it almost feels like it is an original tune of Florence & the Machine because they make it theirs so efficiently. I am blown away with this one. I will include the original Drake/Rihanna song after the jump as well so you could compare and contrast for yourself. Prepare to have you mind blown...

Here is the original:

And here is the Florence & the Machine cover:

Well, what did you think? Please leave a comment in the section below so that I know how you feel...

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