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December 12, 2011

CCD Holiday Geek Gift Guide Vol #4: Rise of the Planet of the Apes Blu-Ray

Here we go again... with only a couple of weeks left before the big day, it's time for you to start knocking out all of the Christmas shopping you haven't finished yet. We have been trying to help you pick gifts for the fickle geeks that inhabit your life, and today we are focusing on the Blu-Ray/Movie geek in your life with the release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Click after the jump for more details...

Let me preface this recommendation by saying the following things:

First of all, I have NOT SEEN this movie. Yes, it is true. i am recommending a movie for you to buy your geeky loved ones DESPITE the fact that I have not seen the film myself. But I have my reasons for that. Both my partner in crime Jeff Bond (who is an Ape franchise nut) and my son Mikey (who at 8 knows more about geek properties than most adults) have whole heartily endorsed this movie. They both LOVED it... calling it one of their favorite movies of the summer. Fellow CCDers Joe Fletch and Tommy Lombardozzi also liked the flick, so I gotta go with the consensus. 

Secondly, they are pushing for Andy Serkis to be nominated by the Academy for a best supporting actor oscar. Now this normally wouldn't be such a big deal, but Serkis NEVER APPEARS ON SCREEN IN THE MOVIE AS HIMSELF. He is the actor that was motion captured to bring the head ape Caesar to life... and boy has he! Serkis also did this for Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, and he became one of the most memorable parts of that trilogy. With 10 years of film advancement since then, Serkis and the special effects gang are sure to bring it big time. 

Finally, this is exactly what you want in a Blu-Ray. I have over 1,000 DVDs, and I love HD video as much as the next guy. But I AM NOT re-buying every film I own on Blu-Ray because it looks better. truth is, the difference doesn't mean that much TO Me (I know there is a huge difference... this is just my opinion!). But I have gotten a Blu-Ray player and my criteria for purchasing movies in this medium is that the film must be visually stunning. This is the best example of a film that I NEED to see in Blu-Ray... the CGI is gonna be banging in High def!!!! This is the reason why Blu-Ray is as awesome as it is...

The Blu-Ray & DVD of Rise of the Planet of the Apes comes out Tuesday December 13th. Check a few different stores for the best prices, but Amazon and Best Buy usually have the best deals. Buy this Blu ray for the film geek in your life!!!