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November 11, 2011

Threadless Artists Bring The Muppet

If you're our kind of people, than I don't have to remind you that 'The Muppets' film is plushly approaching it's curtain date. In conjunction with the event, our friends over at have compiled a page of all of their Muppet inspired tees in time for you to rush a few out for friends and family to wear to the November 23rd weekend opening date. I posted  a few fuzzy favorites after the jump but, please click the link above for the rest. It's (almost) time to get things started!

**Please click READ MORE below for T-Shirt Designs**

'It's Time To Raise The Curtain'

'The Paintbow Connection'

'Friendship = Trust'

'Epic Adventure'

'Together Reaching for the Star'
'You Call That a Pocket'

'Gonzo Floating'

'Friendship Totem Pole'

'Animal Inside'

'The Lovers, The Dreamers, & Me'

See you monsters at the theater!

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  1. Cool!
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