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November 10, 2011

"Mayhem At The Manor" by Les McClaine

I have posted plenty of comic book based art here at CCD, and many of those posting have had to do with Batman. But I can honestly say that nothing... and I mean NOTHING, compares to the complex art project that artist Les McClaine undertook to create "Mayhem at the Manor". The finished piece is "33 x "27 inches, which is fucking gigantic! It is made up of 20 individual smaller pieces, which you can see posted step by step as the piece came together over at McClaine's blog by clicking here. Every villain in Batman's rouge gallery is featured in this piece... it is amazing!!! I found the piece over at my boy Bubba Shelby's blog, Toyriffic. His site is dope, so check it out and spread some of the CCD love. Click after the jump to see this magnificent piece in all it's glory...

Right click on the pic and select "open image in a new window "to see it even larger for all the great details!!!


  1. That is the exact print that you invest in by properly framing it and giving it a place of honor in some part of the house where it will be stared at alot.