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November 23, 2011

Even Comic Book Characters Can Feel The Wrath of Pepper Spray Cop!!!

Unless you have been living under a rock you have seen images of Lt. John Pike, aka Pepper Spray Cop, just blasting a group of college students protesting peacefully with pepper spray in the face. While this is not a funny situation at all (police brutality is fucked up), the image has sparked all types of internet meme's inserting Pepper Spray Cop into everything from fine art to Disney movies. While some of these were well done, I have to say that this next group of images from Comic Alliance has to be the best of the best. They insert Pepper spray cop into the pages of some of the greatest comics in history, and it's a fitting place for such a diabolical character to occupy. Plus this set appeals to my nerd sensibility, so that's why I like it the best. Check out all the images after the jump...