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November 16, 2011

Check Out Salvador Dali's Take On 'Alice In Wonderland'

This one goes out to all you art geeks out there... yup, you get love here on CCD too! Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists, and I think it has to be because he gave a fuck-all what anybody thought about his ongoing shenanigans and crazy lifestyle. Despite being a lunatic, his art pedigree is amazing. Anywho, apparently Dali was contracted  Random House Publishing back into 1969 to illustrate the Lewis Carroll classic "Alice In Wonderland". He responded by creating 12 visually stunning heliograuves (I guess thats an artsy-fartsy art world word for paintings... WTF do I know!) for each chapter in the book, as well as a front piece for the edition. Thanks to the gang over at Brain Pickings, we have digital images of these beautiful pieces for your viewing pleasure. Click after the jump to see them in all their glory...

Front Piece

Down The Rabbit Hole

The Pool Of Tears

The Caucus Race and a Long Tale

The Rabbit Sends In a Little Bill

Advice From a Caterpillar

Pig & Pepper

Mad Tea Party

The Queen's Croquet Guard

The Mock Turtle Story

The Lobster's Quadrille

Who Stole The Tarts???

Alice's Evidence

As an added bonus, here is a cool Youtube video on what you need to look for if you were buying one of these editions. One just sold for around 13 grand... 

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