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December 5, 2011

Art Held In Contemp Vol 12: Ray Caesar

For each new installment I'll spotlight an artist from painters to sculptors and street artists whose work reflects the ever-evolving world of contemporary art. This week we delve into the surreal world of Ray Caesar....

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I like the dark & disquieting. I like reading, watching, observing something that leaves me feeling slightly tainted and a bit off-kilter. I really like Ray Caesar. Caesar is a digital artist based out of Toronto who works primarily with 3D software programs to create his visions. What I find most intriguing about Caesar are the details. At first glance the observer sees the obvious beauty but if you look deeper you can find the pieces that make you question 'why?'



Ebb Tide


Foreign Tongue

Home Coming


Oh Sweet Vanity

Return of the Day

Silent Partner

Sleeping by Day


The Burden of Her Memories

The Waiting Life 


.....For more works from Ray Caesar, check out website


  1. These are pleasantly weird... love when you do these posts Bri!!! Keep it coming!!!

  2. Thanks! I try & step my game up ;)

  3. These are all-super creepy. My favorites are 'Home Coming' and 'Silent Partner' ...I generally like the artist's use of the Batman/Catwoman cowl throughout.

    Patiently anticipating your next installment!