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October 13, 2011

Here Is The First Look At 'The Avengers'...

... Only just under a year till we finally see this one!!! While I am not a huge fan of these super early trailers, it seems Whedon & Co have nailed the jist of what I want in an Avengers flick. The tension between Cap & Iron Man is apparent right of the jump, the early action scenes look great, and I am super intrigued to see Jeremy "Hawkeye" Renner in action... wow! Not to mention that Scarlett Johanson's trimmed down red locks and skintight black suit have me dealing with a major nerd boner over here... good lawd!!! Click after the jump for the full trailer.

Once again:

I don't care how she plays the Black Widow... just keep more of this coming!!!


  1. Goddamn it. My health insurance doesnt kick in for another two weeks! Theyre gonna say that this issue with my jaw was a preexisting condition (dating from when i saw this trailer) and not pay for the surgery to have it removed from the floor.