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September 27, 2011

Take A First Look At The Characters In Rob Zombies 'Lords of Salem'

I am a big fan of Rob Zombies work thus far as a film maker. While I agree that Halloween 2 was a bit of a turd, there is no denying that House of 1,000 Corpses & The Devil's Rejects are two of the greatest horror movies to come out of the last 15 years. I also really liked his re-imagining of Halloween. But right now he is working on a witchcraft based movie entitled 'Lords of Salem' and I couldn't be more intrigued. Take a look at some of the cast after the jump...

 Zombie continues to cast some of his favorite actors from past movies into his own films. This time he is tapping Meg "They Live" Foster as one of the leads... with her creepy ass eye brows, I am getting scared just typing this!!!

I like the look of these character one sheets. Here are two more featuring genre vets Ernest Thomas and Jeff Daniel Phillips.

I am excited for this film... I like the dark nature of it and if anybody could channel black magic into movie gold, it's Zombie. I'm on board... how about you guys? Tell me what you think of Zombie in the comment section.


  1. I did not care for House of 1,000 Corpses and I never saw The Devil's Rejects. I thought House of 1,000 Corpses was too much like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I never really cared for that either. But I am still interested in seeing this!

  2. House of 1,00 Corpses was very much like Texas Chainsaw, but it was Zombie's first film EVER (he wrote & directed it) and was fun, so I always liked it. The Devil's Rejects is something entirely different. Zombie continues the mythos established in the first film, but takes it to new and extraordinary heights that make for one of the best original horror movies of the past 20 years. The movie is a perfect horror film, and his use of subtle music against violent scenes hits alltime highs. Watch it and you will never be able to hear Freebird by Lynryd Skynyrd again without thinking of Rejects!!!