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September 29, 2011

The History Of The WWF Championship In A Minimalist Poster

This poster is part of a project by the very talented Shahed Syed, an architect in training who specializes in 3-D images and infographics. He compiled an amazing infographic on the history of the WWF Championship between the years 1984-2002 (click here to see it) that is superimposed over a heavyweight belt. It is awesome. But here is a poster that features the icon images of each wrestler used in the infographic itself, and it is a piece of minimalist gold. Click to see the poster after the jump.

  This is just so awesome. Takes me back to the good old days of Saturday Night's Main Event, Battle Royale's with everyone trying to gang up on Big John Studd or Andre The Giant, and Hulk Hogan's Saturday Morning Cartoon. A great time in wrestling history. Here is the poster.

Can you name them all? Try to do it in the comments section below. I am lost on a few... (they are not in chronological order). Good Luck....


  1. first row is easy, hulk, heart, stone cold, macho man, HBK, deisel, Ultimate warrior, ?, rock, HHH, undertaker, Angle, ?, jericho, perfect, Sgt. Slaughter, big show, mankind, the iron shiek, Vince?, ?, cain, Andre the Giant.

  2. Budd, the ones you missed were Yokozuna, Superstar Billy Grayham (?), and Backlund(?)..i think
    ....and I think the curly blonde head is Sid Vicious not Perfect.

    great find!