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September 13, 2011

'Art Held in Contemp' Volume 10 by Briana Melendez

For each new installment I'll spotlight an artist from painters to sculptors and street artists whose work reflects the ever-evolving world of contemporary art. Without further ado I present you to Camilla d'Errico..........

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Vancouver based artist Camilla d'Errico is definitely a product of her childhood environment. A steady diet of cartoons, manga, anime and comics helped give birth and continue to feed d'Errico's creative mind. Her paintings and drawings at initial glance seem sweet and tender but all one has to do is look into the wide eyes of her creations to know that beneath the pastel fluff lies dark mysteries.

'Pink Twin Rainbow'

'Bowl in the Wind'

Cover Art for 'The Fallen'

'The Unique Mind'

'Honey Suckle'

'Tortoise Refuge'

'Angry Universe'

'Bah Bah Little Sheian'

Cover Art for 'Burn'

'Disassembled Tears'

'Fur Carnival'


Cover Art for 'Nightmares & FairyTales'


'Strawberry Crows'

artist Camilla d'Errico

Camilla d'Errico official site

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