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August 15, 2011

CCD Is On Summer Vacation... But We Will Be Back, Better Then Ever!!!! 2

So gang, the crew here at CCD is going to take some time off to enjoy what is left of this summer. We will be back shortly to give you all the things we love about Pop Culture... and when we do, it will be with a totally awesome re-design from Lockheed Lee!!! The new site will be a huge improvement on the aesthetics of the site and will be launched soon. For now, enjoy going through our 1700+ article archive and check back soon for the all new CCD... it's gonna be epic!!!!


  1. Looking forward to the relaunch. I think I need my own column here. Maybe about Canadian pop culture.

  2. Please Kal, don't tease us. We would love to have you on the CCD staff... we will call it "North of the Border" or something snappy like that. Lets go!!!!