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August 2, 2011

The 'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Jacked A Video Game... Wow!

When I saw the recently released Amazing Spider-Man trailer, I was really blown away by the final 30 seconds of it. That is when the camera took a "Web-Eye" view of the action from Spider-Man's perspective and jumped across rooftops while swinging around town. It was awesome. But, you can't pull one over on the geek patrol... oh no you didn't!!! Seems that Marc Webb and his gang straight up jacked a cut-action sequence from the 2008 video game 'Mirror's Edge'. Don't believe me? Click the jump and see for yourself:

Did they really think they would get away this? In this day and age? With these maniac geeks scrutinizing every little detail of a movie that is coming out NEXT YEAR!!! That is really lame. I am truly disappointed... oh well. Lets hope they don't fuck up anything else. Nice work CVG.

I can't believe they thought they would get away with this...


  1. Y'know...when I saw that clip in the final moments of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' trailer last week, it was the only thing that I found even remotely interesting about the reboot. First I thought that it might be a segment that was just for the trailer and probably, to my disappointment would not make it to the actual I'm even more disappointed I think.

  2. It reminded me of Mirrors Edge when I first saw it as well. But that video is very misleading. First of it's edited heavily. It's stitched together from a number of shots to match up to the Spidey trailer. It's not a full sequence. And the parts where it goes upside down are completely fabricated.

    I do agree that there was a similar feel, but then again it could be said it's ripping off any POV style.

    Mirrors Edge is a very cool game by the by. A first person platformer.